Now That’s What I’m Screamin

January 22nd, 2007 by w&w

Mainstream analysis” continues: Today’s NYT features another well-informed, somewhat sympathetic piece on the Drama drama. This one was written by Jeff Leeds, who’s shown himself to be a pretty sharp industry analyst of late. Plenty of juicy quotes in there, though some could be juicier. For example, rather than naming names, we’re left with Leeds telling us –

The police said lawyers representing an array of artists sent cease-and-desist demands protesting the unauthorized use of their music, though they declined to identify the artists.

Declined, eh? Hmmmm.

– but what really takes the cake is the quotation with which Leeds concludes, straight out the mouth of everybody’s favorite “executive vice president for antipiracy” (i.e., major wanker), Brad Buckles: “This is a world,” says Mr.Buckles (Mr.Buckles!),

where everything just careens out of control once it’s created.

Exactly. Now that’s what I’m screamin. Sounds to me like a vibrant model for (or simply an accurate description of) free/creative/participatory culture.

Do the CIAA actually get it?

(Don’t get yer hopes up.)



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